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Welcome to the Capri MK1 REGISTER

Capri Mk1 Owners Club since 1999


Capri MK1 REGISTER was started in 1999 in response to the many Capri owners asking us to organise a REGISTER for these unique cars. 


The  REGISTER quickly developed into an independent club catering for Capri's built 1968 - 1974. 


There is no  documentation to be found at Ford about these cars that we can have access to, so we have gathered (and continue to accumulate) as much information as we can.  This includes  the very valuable information of cars that are still around  from when production first started in 1968.

 So if you have a Mk1 Capri that is not yet registered with us then please contact us.  You have a choice whether to become a member of the club or just REGISTER your car for our historical document  - please include the VIN number as this is one of the most important pieces of information we require.  There is no charge to register your Capri details.

We look forward to hearing from you.

 If you like to show your Capri then we attend some of the best and biggest show.     

Our members are always eager to help each other and we pool our experiences and tips about our cars. Members can get discounts on a variety of products including show tickets and insurance.


We are the  Capri Mk1 REGISTER  for enthusiasts run by enthusiasts.