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3 fantastic cars on show red white and blue


Old Spice

The Capri I won in a raffle.    1971  Pre facelift 1600XL 11 previous owners .

The Capri had been used in a promotion around the country to promote men's Old Spice products and used the slogan Be a Man Man.

         There were three Capri's used in the promotion this was the only Mk1 Capri used. The cars travelled around the UK and

Europe,  I am told that the Mk1 was the only one not to break down.

                       The car had travelled around the country, often girls were photographed sitting on the bonnet or/and on the roof

(see U Tube) so a few dents and dings were added en route.

It is in a bit of a sorry state now
.  We are looking at getting it restored or maybe sell it on for restoration.

Sadly this car was sold September 2017, it is now in a private collection.