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Restoration Show at NEC Birmingham March 31st - April 2nd

Good show with lots of interesting displays as well as our own display.
see  the News page for Capri  pictures and story

About the Capri Mk1 REGISTER

The Capri Mk1 REGISTER is dedicated to  registering all  Mk1's that have survived through all these years.

We have been working hard since January 1st 1999 to help owners with their problems  -   It is the original Capri Mk1 owners club, with a wealth of expertise  in hands on restoration, advice and historical facts.  we have been talking to owners since 1989 -  well before we began the club.


How many variants are still around, either laid up or on the road?


How many have survived and in what numbers?


How many specials are there remaining?


Restored or unrestored, original or modified?


We are slowly finding the answers to these questions.

The REGISTER was founded early in 1999 and since then we have built up an historical account of the surviving Capri Mk1's, but we know there are still more many more Capri's that are still undocumented.  We would like to add these to the Capri MK1 REGISTER archive documents.


So if you own a Capri MK1 send in the details of your car now.


If you need parts to keep your car on the road we have enthusiasts working hard to keep the spares available. Not always easy but with our network not impossible.


Our dedicated club magazine 'Capri Style' is issued every 3 months.

There are many discounts available to club members, for example club members can get discounts s on leading Classic Insurance Companies, Capri Spares and Haynes books plus many more companies also offer Capri Mk1 REGISTER members a discount on purchases.

The club also offers an Insurance valuation service to members. With the huge rise in the value of the Capri make sure yours is not undervalued.


If you need help registering a Capri with DVLA then again we can help.

Join us -  membership is only £15 per year plus an initial £2 joining fee. You can pay by PayPal just add a further 90p (PayPal charges) and use the address below:-



Or contact us for other ways to become a member of Capri Mk1 REGISTER

We are dedicated to keeping the Mk1 Capri Alive and Kicking


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