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Two weeks and counting until the NECRestoShow.  We’re getting ready to join over 150 classic vehicle clubs taking part at this friendly action-packed show.  Come along for expert advice or just a chat and see what the club that shares your passion is getting up to.                  Call 0844 858 6758 or book online at                        Club Members benefit from discounted tickets on Saturday 24th or Sunday 25th March if booked in advance – see the show advert for promotion codes and T&Cs in your recent Capri Style.



            Past Club Magazines - stories and articles  which may be of interest to Capri enthusiasts   Click on magazine title to open. Please note they may take a few seconds to load.   some articles are incomplete owing to pages being removed for web purposes.  If there is an article you would like to read all of then contact us on

Remember that these are past magazines and therefore  the adverts are no longer available.