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Welcome to the Capri MK1 REGISTER




Capri MK1 REGISTER was started in 1999      It was the first and original club for Ford Mk1 Capri owners and enthusiasts    

The club you can trust for for Capri's built 1968 - 1974  - we have been around for  30 = years helping owners of these iconic cars..

We have a lot of  information gathered over this time. Register your Capri Mk1 with the first and only REGISTER for the Capri Mk1. 

The Capri REGISTER  documents all capris that are still around running or not.   There is no charge to register your Capri details, there is a  charge to join the club and receive the benefits such as a Capri Mk1 magazine issued quarterly, discounts for insurance and more.    

Our members help each other and pool our experiences and tips about our cars.  

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site..     


   Capri Mk1  run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, the club you can trust..